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French Fly

A comedic masterpiece that takes flight with wit, clever satire, and outlandish charm.


Liam LoPinto‘s 2D animated gem soars to new comedic heights, offering a delightful and satirical exploration of French culture and stereotypes. The focal point is Antoine the fly, brilliantly voiced by Arthur Chaumay, who stumbles upon the shocking revelation of his wife’s infidelity with his twin brother, leading to a cascade of uproarious events.

LoPinto masterfully weaves together a narrative that not only lampoons French stereotypes but also cleverly skewers the very art of filmmaking. The film’s four-minute runtime is a rollercoaster of laughter, with each animated frame delivering a punchline that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The humor is not confined to cultural satire; it extends to a meta-commentary on the filmmaking process itself, creating a multi-layered and intellectually stimulating experience.

The collaborative effort of the ensemble voice cast adds a dynamic layer of zest and humor, enhancing the film’s overall appeal. The animation, characterized by its outlandish depictions and imaginative concepts, is a testament to LoPinto’s skillful craftsmanship. The result is a brilliantly witty and well-written piece that guarantees four minutes of uninterrupted laughter – an animated triumph that takes flight from the very first minute. In essence, it’s a comedic masterpiece that transcends both cultural satire and conventional filmmaking boundaries.

French Fly Short Film Animation


Runtime: 4 min
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