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The Miami Dentist

A comical yet profound exploration of a man on the edge.


David Baeumler’s cinematic endeavor, ‘The Miami Dentist’ immerses viewers in the offbeat world of its titular character, portrayed by Baeumler himself. The film, propelled by Kevin Silva’s whimsical poetic narration, whose every statement begins with “When a Miami Dentist…” and concludes with a whimsically bizarre finish, leaving the audience both perplexed and intrigued.

Set against the backdrop of the dentist’s European travels, the film unfolds with Silva’s peculiar declarations punctuating each scene, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously comical and enigmatic. Yet, beneath the veneer of eccentricity lies a profound character study, delving into the likely trauma and survival mechanisms of a man haunted by his father’s near-deployment during the Korean War.

Baeumler’s portrayal of the central protagonist, adorned in a surgical face mask, adds an extra layer of mystery and intensity to the character. The film’s outstanding post-production work, featuring multi-layered screens showcasing the protagonist’s wanderings in various destinations, contributes to a uniquely crafted visual experience.

The unconventional use of these multi-layered screens, combined with intimate cinematography and artistic production editing, elevates the film’s visual storytelling. The narrative skillfully peels back the layers of the protagonist’s psyche, revealing a complex man navigating the intricacies of life and his own history.

‘The Miami Dentist’ is a highly entertaining and eccentric cinematic journey that, through its comical underbelly, Silva’s quirky narration, and outstanding post-production techniques, offers a poignant reflection on the complexities of an individual teetering on the edge of a breakdown.

The Miami Dentist


Runtime: 9 min

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