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A hilarious mockumentary tracing the antics of an ex-convict as he falls back into his former habits.


Jack Sambrook’s mockumentary, featuring himself as the charismatic ex-convict George, unleashes a riot of laughter as it chronicles the post-prison escapades of a man unwilling to part ways with his wayward past.

Sambrook, the linchpin of the short film, embodies George with a laid-back, no-nonsense demeanor, infusing the character with a delightful blend of wit and offbeat charm. The film, skillfully shot by James Walker in a mockumentary style, serves as a captivating character study, painting a vivid portrait of a rehabilitative failure who refuses to mend his ways.

As George careens back into the abyss of his old habits – drugs, alcohol, and more – the narrative takes an unexpected, side-splitting turn when we venture into his childhood home through the back door.

Sambrook’s comedic genius shines through in his impeccable timing, sharp dialogue, and a realistic portrayal that strikes a balance between endearing and hilariously constructed. The fusion of British humor adds an extra layer of zest to the narrative, making the film not just a character study but a rollicking comedy with a distinctive touch.

The synergy of Sambrook’s writing, his impeccable acting, and Walker’s deft cinematography culminate in a short film that is as technically sound as it is entertaining. Sambrook emerges as a formidable talent, leaving an indelible mark with his masterful storytelling and comedic prowess.

George Short Mockumentary Comedy Film


Runtime: 20 min

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