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Fresh Memories

An appetizing documentary that explores a Georgia-based Boba tea house.


Directed by Christian Hyoungju Lee, ‘Fresh Memories’ is a short documentary film that explores the establishment of the ‘For Good Tea’ tea house. The enterprise was set up by Terry and Eddy, who immigrated from China to bring authentic Boba tea to the American market. Throughout the 6-minute docu-short, Teddy speaks about his Chinese heritage and his strive to blend Chinese and American cultures with his tea room. An intriguing tale of entrepreneurship, identity and community development.

Teddy, who has lived in the United States for 12 years, exhibits pride and fulfillment of his life purpose. He speaks about the innovate brewing process of creating the tea, and how it differentiates from similar Boba tea products. With lofty customer satisfaction, Teddy is determined to bring wider awareness to his Georgia based company.

In spite of being a student filmmaking venture, ‘Fresh Memories’ succeeds with stellar technicality in cinematography and sound. Post-production is equally commendable. The varied subject matters are well explored – accompanied by intriguing archive footage and home video tapes. The subjects, Teddy and Eddy, deliver inspirational viewing – their American Dream story is certainly exhilaration. Prepare to stimulate your taste buds – a captivating watch from start-to-finish.

Fresh Memories Short Documentary Film


Runtime: 6 min
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