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Dad Bod Dale

Crafted with offbeat humor and biting satire, this mockumentary explores unconventional ambition, self-acceptance, and outlandish magic.


Cam Woodman’s satirical mockumentary, directed by Carly Fawcett, is a riotously funny and audacious journey that mercilessly lampoons the relentless pursuit of fame.

At the center of this uproarious narrative is Dale, played with impeccable comedic timing by Woodman, an aspiring model whose unconventional appearance leads to rejection from a Movember charity calendar. The film takes a deliciously absurd turn when Dale joins forces with the spoiled and creatively ambitious Cassandrith, portrayed with equal brilliance by the delightful Hannah Krostewitz.

The storyline, laden with offbeat scenes and eccentric characterizations, unfurls a rollercoaster of a relationship between Dale and Cassandrith as they embark on a quest for unconventional success. The film masterfully turns conventions on their head, ridiculing societal norms with a sharp and comical edge. Under Jamie Patterson’s skilled cinematography, the mockumentary style is executed with finesse, engaging audiences in a visually pleasing and immersive experience.

Woodman and Krostewitz deliver standout performances, infusing their characters with depth, hilarity, and a palpable on-screen chemistry. The short film not only tickles the funny bone but also explores themes of body confidence and self-acceptance through its comical lens. Woodman’s creation is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking gem, seamlessly blending humor with social commentary in a succinct and uproarious package.

Dad Bod Dale Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 19 min

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