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The Dukha

An endearing film about reindeer herders in Northern Mongolia.


Directed by Carmen Morrow and Zach Wolf, ‘The Dukha’ is a short documentary film that explores the rural existence of the Mongolian Dukha people – a Turkic community who herd reindeer. Narrated by Telmen Bat-Erdene, the short delves into the generational traditions of the semi-nomadic society and their devotion to the upkeep of the species.

Throughout the 8-minute film, which is narrated in English, we hear from the local people – in their native tongue – about their cultural way of life and their hopes for the future. Intertwined with the narrative is compelling animation – a nice touch that helps to illustrate the local heritage.

Carmen Morrow and Zach Wolf have crafted an endearing piece of film that is certain to intrigue, educate and enchant viewers. Five-year-old Tuvshuu steels the spotlight with his beyond-his-years work ethic and adolescent charm. Technically, the film is shot with commendable cinematography throughout – accompanied by high quality sound and post-production. The reindeer, which play a pivotal role in their way of life, provide irresistible viewing that promises to keep viewers engaged and amused. ‘The Dukha’ deserves high praise and acclaim for bringing their way of life to public attention. Highly recommended.

The Dukha Short Film


Runtime: 8 min
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