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An experimental intersection of suffering and vitality.


‘Acherontia’, a short experimental film directed by Georgina Botella, Jan Mateu, and Joan Calsina, ventures into the evocative exploration of embracing suffering to attain a profound sense of vitality. The film, set against the backdrop of an ensemble cast, follows two young men, likely lovers, and two young women, evidently lovers, as they navigate pain within a life-altering experiment. One of the men endures the intensity of an ice bath with squeezed lemon in his eyes, while the women embark on a drug-induced sexual adventure.

The film’s deeply poetic and captivating narrative unfolds with a high level of artistry, allowing for rich viewer interpretation. The commendable acting from the ensemble cast adds authenticity to their characters, contributing to the emotional impact of the story. The Spanish language, paired with English subtitles, enhances the cultural authenticity, offering a more immersive experience.

‘Acherontia’ is a commendable piece with well-crafted cinematography and seamless editing. Its artistic choices not only captivate the audience but also prompt profound reflection on the interconnectedness of pain and vitality in the human experience. The film stands as a testament to the directors’ ability to provoke thought and emotion through unconventional storytelling.

Acherontia Short Experimental Film


Runtime: 4 min

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