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Embark on a gripping journey into a dystopian world devoid of color.


In the visually arresting dystopian sci-fi film directed by Matt Mamie and penned by Corey Branigan, a post-radiation world unfolds where humanity is robbed of sight.

The narrative, propelled by an intriguing premise, follows the ingenious use of “googles” as a restorative visual aid, allowing humans to see again, albeit without the vibrancy of color. At the story’s core is the clandestine mission led by the enigmatic Red Queen (Jessica DalCanton), who strives to reintroduce color and its inherent beauty to the bleak existence.

The film adeptly employs the lens of cinematographer Mena Smith to convey its narrative, using compelling color grading to underscore the prevailing desolation. The underground resistance, spearheaded by DalCanton’s Red Queen, contends with the antagonist portrayed by John Comegno, whose Machiavellian machinations seek to thwart any attempts at reintroducing color to this grayscale world.

Dylan Danziger and John Schnack expertly set the stage, revealing the clandestine color dealings that form the crux of the plot. The absence of dialogue enhances the film’s immersive visual storytelling, and commendable action sequences add a dynamic layer to the narrative.

While the film thrives on its captivating visuals and compelling concept, an expansion of the storyline would be a welcome addition, allowing viewers to delve deeper into this near-apocalyptic realm. Overall, Mamie and Branigan’s creation is an intriguing and visually arresting exploration of a world teetering on the brink of chromatic rediscovery.

Blackout Short Sci Fi Film


Runtime: 9 min
Genre: ,

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