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Baira Garakh (All is Lost)

As secrets unravel, a vengeful wife and her husband’s mistress engage in a comedic stand-off filled with unexpected twists.


Mehreen Jabbar‘s comedic thriller, crafted from Shah Yasir’s script, unfolds a riveting stand-off between a vengeful wife and her husband’s unsuspecting mistress, brilliantly portrayed by Yasra Rizvi and Hajra Yamin, respectively. The plot takes a darkly humorous turn when the wife, pretending to be out of town, discovers the naive mistress at her doorstep after her husband’s unexpected demise, leading to a tense and comically charged confrontation where secrets unravel and blood spills.

Yasra Rizvi’s performance as the determined wife adds depth and humor to the narrative, while Hajra Yamin captivates as the unsuspecting mistress, creating a dynamic on-screen duo. Khalid Malik’s posthumous presence adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to the unfolding events.

Nabil Hasan’s cinematography is a visual treat, showcasing professional craftsmanship with cinematic flair. The lighting enhances the film’s atmosphere, contributing to its tense and gripping moments. The narrative, marked by clever twists and comedic elements, keeps the audience engaged until the unexpected conclusion.

Despite being produced in Urdu, the film’s inclusion of English subtitles ensures accessibility for a wider audience. Overall, this Pakistani production delivers a quality viewing experience, seamlessly blending elements of comedy and thriller, leaving the audience both entertained and intrigued. With incredible acting, well-crafted cinematography, and a narrative that keeps you guessing, this short film proves to be a commendable and enjoyable addition to the thriller-comedy genre.

Baira Gharakh Short Film Pakistan


Runtime: 16 min
Genre: ,


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