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Boxed In

A mysterious box unravels a tragedy within a relationship.


Steve Hunyi’s concise experimental drama unfolds a tragedy within Rufas and Brigitte’s relationship, sparked by a mysterious box. Benjamin Kaye’s compelling portrayal of Rufas and Jemima Knight’s nuanced performance as Brigitte plays out within the evocative setting of a Spanish country house. The film delves into themes such as addiction and grief, delivering raw and emotionally charged performances.

As the storyline unfolds, it skillfully navigates unexpected twists and turns that I hesitate to delve into to avoid revealing spoilers. The plot thickens into something profoundly unexpected and deeply tragic, keeping the audience emotionally engaged.

Lee Pretious’s cinematography captures the couple’s emotional journey with visually striking and well-framed scenes, but the film’s pacing could benefit from a more concise edit for greater impact. While the choice of incidental music enhances the atmosphere, at times, it competes with the actors’ emotions, slightly diminishing the raw authenticity.

Despite these considerations, the narrative remains a beautiful and poignant portrayal of loss, mental anguish and guilt. The emotional resonance of the film, though a streamlined runtime and a more restrained musical approach could enhance its potency. The unexpected developments in the plot keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and the pervasive sense of unease, coupled with haunting visuals, contributes to an unforgettable watch.

Boxed In Short Film


Runtime: 30 min

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