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Man in Fear

An uproarious comedy-thriller, where danger meets hilarity in the world of conceptual art.


In Will Jewell’s comedy-thriller, a young journalist, Anthony Fox (Luke Treadaway), finds himself unwittingly entangled in the bizarre world of conceptual artist Ian Gilchrist (James Lance), facing a series of perilous attempts on his life – all in the name of art. As Fox seeks refuge in a local police station, the film takes a hilarious twist, with Tim Healy’s portrayal of a befuddled cop grappling with the absurdity adding an extra layer of humor to the narrative.

The short film, rich with funny, tense, and riveting moments, showcases outstanding performances by Treadaway and Healy. Treadaway masterfully conveys Fox’s desperation and vulnerability, while Healy’s comedic brilliance adds an edge that keeps the audience both entertained and gripped. The chemistry between the two actors elevates the film, making it a standout in the comedy-thriller genre.

Dominic Jones’s cinematography contributes to the film’s cinematic quality, with well-framed shots that enhance the visual experience. The stellar production design further complements the narrative, creating a world that is both visually appealing and thematically rich.

Jewell’s creation stands as a masterpiece in short filmmaking, serving as a compelling proof of concept for a feature-length production. After experiencing this blend of humor and excitement, audiences are likely to eagerly anticipate a full-length version, making this short film a must-watch.

Man in Fear Short Comedy Thriller Film


Runtime: 11 min
Genre: ,

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