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Float like a Butterfly, Bite like a Snake

A gripping neo-noir thriller where betrayal and revenge collide in real-time.


Jordan Peace’s neo-noir crime thriller unfolds in real-time, focusing on the captivating character Butterfly, portrayed with depth and nuance by Hudson Laycock. Butterfly, an underground criminal yearning for an exit, experiences a tense reunion with Snake, played by the compelling Charles AJ Griffin, once a trusted friend turned formidable turncoat. The narrative takes an intense turn when Wolf, portrayed by the dynamic Michael Hurse, assigns Butterfly a job that unexpectedly leads him to Snake, setting the stage for a perilous game of betrayal and revenge.

The film weaves a web of suspense, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats with its riveting dialogue and tense ambience. The plot takes unexpected twists, revealing Butterfly as a pawn in a dangerous game, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and intrigue. The short film’s strength lies in the shocking twist, coupled with Laycock and Griffin’s gripping performances that delve into the complexities of their characters, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Abbey Paige’s cinematography adds a highly cinematic and well-framed quality to the entire production, enhancing the visual experience. Peace’s skilled direction, coupled with engaging performances and unnerving scenes, crafts a well-made Australian short film that succeeds in both entertaining and thought-provoking the audience. The film stands out as a testament to the talent involved, offering a compelling and immersive experience within its compact runtime.

Float like a Butterfly, Bite like a Snake Short Neo Noir Thriller Film


Runtime: 14 min
Genre: ,

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