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A tense and well-crafted ride through a futuristic world of surveillance and rebellion.


Amilcar Monterroso helms a compelling short sci-fi set in the year 2026, where humans are constantly monitored by a central agency. Starring Spencer Longmore and Nikki Rodriguez, among others, the narrative unfolds in a technologically advanced world, focusing on a detective’s rebellion against agents to escape a mind-control predicament. Monterroso’s vision explores a compromised technological landscape, offering a thrilling tale with outstanding technicality and production values.

While the cast delivers strong performances and the film boasts remarkable technical prowess, the narrative feels slightly rushed, leaving limited space for deeper character development and a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Despite this, the film remains an enjoyable watch, providing a tense and well-crafted experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats throughout.

Monterroso’s sci-fi creation is a thrilling ride that successfully immerses viewers in its futuristic world. Although the narrative pacing may leave some wanting more in terms of character depth and context, the film’s overall execution ensures an engaging and entertaining experience, making it a noteworthy addition to the sci-fi short film genre.

Human Short Film


Runtime: 9 min
Genre: ,

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