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Dog Lover

A waggish comedy about the depths a person will go for affection.


Directed by Anne-Sophie Bine, from a screenplay by Ari Jacobson, ‘Dog Lover’ is a short comedic drama film that explores the relationship between an eccentric suburban housewife and her emasculated husband. Starring Paul Hungerford (Walter) and Gaby Santinelli (Sarah), the dark comedy delves into Sarah’s peculiar fetish with Max – her beloved pet dog. Delving into themes of sexuality, identity and jealousy, the audience can expect a light-hearted narrative with a few belly-laughs along the way.

The 13-minute short opens with Walter, Sarah’s devoted husband, returning home from work. With roses in hand, Walter discovers his wife’s attention and emotional intimacy lies elsewhere. In an attempt to win back his wife’s affections, Walter’s resentment gets the better of him – resulting in a waggish identity crisis. The narrative takes an offbeat turn, exploring the depths a person will go for affection.

Writer Ari Jacobson has created an unorthodox plot which doesn’t take itself too seriously. The charm of ‘Dog Lover’ is within the outlandish characterization which keeps the humor ticking along finely. Under Anne-Sophie Bine’s direction, the quirk within the script is propelled into a bizarrely endearing cinematic experience. Paul Hungerford and Gaby Santinelli deserve high acclaim for their zany, albeit highly entertaining portrays. Visually, the film is masterfully captured with industry standard cinematography and lighting. Post-production and sound are delivered to an impeccable standard. ‘Dog Lover’ is a must-see that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Runtime: 13 min
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