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For the Thrill of It

Dive into the infectious spirit of community dance with Brenda’s Body Shop.


Mark Stutzman’s short promotional video shines a spotlight on Brenda’s Body Shop community-led initiative, uniting dance enthusiasts to recreate Michael Jackson’s iconic ‘Thriller’ dance. Despite being a low-budget production and serving as an advertisement for a past event, the film weaves a compelling narrative featuring a congregation of zombies in a terror-driven storyline.

The production and costume design, while operating within budget constraints, achieve a commendable standard, contributing to the overall appeal of the narrative. The film effectively serves its purpose as a marketing campaign, showcasing the success of Brenda Brosnihan’s choreography and instruction in bringing together a diverse group of individuals for this exciting passion project.

Brenda’s Body Shop emerges not just as a dance studio but as a community hub, as the film hints at the exhilarating and collaborative effort that has already transpired. Beyond its entertainment value, the project has a philanthropic angle, having raised funds for commendable causes, underscoring the positive impact of community engagement through the art of dance.

For those curious about Brenda’s Body Shop and the impactful work they do across age groups, this short film is a compelling invitation to explore the vibrant and inclusive world of this dance studio.

For the thrill of it


Runtime: 2 min
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