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Chat Noir

A hitman’s comedic mishaps take center stage in this action-packed comedy extravaganza.


Maxime Lecocq takes the helm as writer, director, and star in this uproarious action-themed comedy, where he embodies the role of Patrick, a hapless hitman summoned to the intimidating presence of his boss (Bill Bogner) by his coworker George (P.K. Simone) due to his repeated failures in assassinating Eliza (Lucia Vico). The film unfolds Patrick’s series of comically misguided attempts, each one infused with humor that adds a delightful twist to the world of hitmen.

Lecocq’s performance is a comedic tour de force, injecting laughter into the typically grim domain of a hitman. Bill Bogner, as the formidable head honcho of the agency, delivers a commendable and genuinely intimidating portrayal that enhances the film’s atmosphere. T.J. Penton’s cinematic cinematography is skillfully executed, featuring well-framed shots and effective lighting that contribute to the overall polished look of the film.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn toward the end, adding a satisfying twist to the comedic chaos. The film succeeds in delivering entertainment with fantastic performances all around, with strong characterizations, witty dialogue, and impeccable comic timing. ‘Chat Noir’ is a delightful and well-crafted short that turns the dark world of hitmen into a source of laughter, making it a highly enjoyable watch.

Chat Noir Short Action Film


Runtime: 8 min
Genre: ,


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