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A Christmas film like no other.


Austin Kolodney directs an out of the ordinary Christmas short film that is outrageously funny and packaged with high action. The film follows Eugene (Scott Bosely) and his family as they bend traditional Christmas festivities by practising “Takanakuy” – a Peruvian tradition which encourages “bare knuckled brawling” to “settle scores”.

The film opens to an introduction to Takanakuy, which then transitions to Eugene reading about the culture. As he informs his father of the craze, a seemingly typical family setting quickly turns dysfunctional. Sibling rivalry and parenthood takes the form of brutal martial arts as each member of the family take revenge on Eugene for past missteps. Humour runs throughout the short film which cuts the tension for comic relief – this is highlighted as harmony is restored when Eugene’s mother loses an earning during the fast-paced action. As the grandparents arrive, vengefulness once again erupts when the grandmother proclaims “at least they god rid of the damn dog”.

Takanakuy (written by Derek Larsen) succeeds in its originality and farce. The action scenes are meticulously choreographed which rewards truly thrilling viewing. Cinematography, music and comical performances ensure the film has a solid professional tone. A highly recommended Christmas film for all the family.

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Runtime: 11 min
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