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A man’s attempt to simplify life with a clone hilariously backfires.


In Alex Probst‘s sci-fi comedy, the Beckholt twins, Jimothy and Timothy, take center stage in a uproarious narrative. The plot revolves around a man, portrayed by Jimothy, who decides to purchase a cloned version of himself, played by Timothy, under the promise that it would simplify his life. However, the comedic twist unfolds as the clone becomes uncomfortably close, invading every aspect of the buyer’s life and leaving no room for privacy.

The film stands as a testament to Probst’s sharp and well-crafted writing. It effortlessly weaves a clever narrative reminiscent from ‘Black Mirror,’ keeping viewers both intrigued and amused throughout. Jimothy and Timothy Beckholt’s performances are commendable, showcasing their comedic prowess and creating a dynamic interplay that adds layers of humor to the film’s charm.

The cinematic quality of the production further elevates the viewing experience, featuring impressive drone shots and a polished overall look. Probst’s directorial skill shines through, displaying a keen understanding of comedic timing and storytelling. The sci-fi premise is executed with finesse, offering audiences not just laughs, but also a thought-provoking experience.

Probst’s sci-fi comedy successfully blends clever narrative elements, stellar performances, and top-notch technicality. The film, with its unique comedic twist, emerges as an entertaining and thought-provoking short that captures the essence of the future in a style uniquely its own.

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Runtime: 17 min
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