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Explore the aftermath of a vanished world in this haunting apocalyptic drama.


Leenatan Zohar’s apocalyptic drama presents a compelling exploration of the disconcerting scenario of waking up to a world devoid of humanity. Michal Meir Dviri delivers a standout performance as the lone protagonist who, in the midst of traveling for work in Tel Aviv, discovers a desolate cityscape with the absence of civilization. The film’s exceptional use of footage capturing empty streets and urban landscapes is a commendable achievement, particularly noteworthy within the constraints of short filmmaking.

The special effects, if utilized, reach a phenomenal standard, deserving commendation on their own merit. Dviri’s portrayal skillfully conveys the essential emotions of fear, confusion, and curiosity necessary to propel the narrative forward. However, the only drawback lies in the brevity of the narrative, leaving the audience yearning for a more extensive exploration of the overarching questions hinted at – an introduction that begs for a more prolonged runtime or a feature adaptation.

Despite this, Zohar’s meticulous framing contributes to the cinematic quality of the film, making it a worthy watch, if only for its intriguing concept. The film successfully captivates with its atmospheric cinematography and Dviri’s compelling performance, leaving viewers pondering the deeper implications of a world suddenly devoid of its inhabitants.

Absence Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
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