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A Bad, Bad Day

A tale of bad luck, angst, and unexpected challenges. A captivating character study.


Jalen Snowden’s triple-threat endeavor in a short drama, where he wrote, directed, and starred in, offers a compelling glimpse into the tumultuous life of a young man named Murphy. Navigating the challenges of both his hospitality job and personal life, Snowden’s character study presents Murphy’s descent into the depths of his own angst. The film’s decision to shoot in black and white, with a 4:3 aspect ratio, adds a distinctive touch to the narrative, enhancing its visual and emotional impact.

Snowden’s commendable acting and the respectable script create a palpable sense of empathy for Murphy’s struggles. The cinematography captures the essence of his overwhelming day, effectively conveying the character’s desperation as things go from bad to worse. Lesley Payne’s portrayal as Murphy’s boss adds depth to the supporting cast, contributing to the film’s overall authenticity.

However, the narrative could benefit from further exploration into Murphy’s personal woes, delving deeper into the roots of his problems. This additional layer of storytelling would enhance the audience’s understanding and connection to the character’s plight. Despite this, Snowden deserves praise for his performance and the film’s overall execution, showcasing potential for deeper explorations in future projects.

A Bad, Bad Day


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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