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Guardians of Paradise

A heartwarming portrait of the people of Myanmar.


Directed by Ivan Maria Friedman, ‘Guardians of Paradise’ is a short poetic documentary that observes the people of Bagan, Myanmar – prior to the 2021 military coup d’état. The coup was later rejected by the population and sparked civil disobedience, protests, and enduring armed resistance to military rule. This film exhibits the spirit of the nation; the picturesque landscapes, deep rooted history and culture, and above all else – the charming civilians as they go about their daily lives. A heart-warming documentary that acts as a tribute to the people of Myanmar.

Throughout the 11-minute film (which omits interviews, dialogue or voice-over narration), we explore the conventional routine life of the Bagan residents. Tranquility, peace and harmony is poignantly conveyed from start-to-finish, as it captures the people – young and old – living, working, and in recreation. In spite of their cordial demeanor, the people have suffered decades of struggles – which is testament to their perpetual resilience and dignity.

Ivan Maria Friedman deserves high acclaim and appreciation for this beautiful portrait of the Myanmar people. An endearing watch that is certain to spark further intrigue. The cinematography is truly remarkable – a well-deserved salute to Friedman’s technical/artistic craftmanship. A documentary that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 12 min

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