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Tagoureit: A Standardbred ex-harness racer story

A touching docu-short about the miraculous rehabilitation of a wounded racehorse.


Directed Matt Urquist, ‘Tagoureit: A Standardbred ex-harness racer story’ is a short documentary that chronicles the extraordinary story of Tagoureit (Tag) – a promising racehorse whose life on the track was cut short after sustaining a career-ending injury. The new owners, Stewart & Lisa Goldberg, took the wounded horse under their wing, and with support from Dr. Maria Katsamanis (Friends For Pegasus), Tag is miraculously rehabilitated. A triumphant story of unwavering endurance and compassion.

Throughout the 4-minute film, the Goldberg’s, Dr. Katsamanis, and farrier Kris Smalley, document Tag’s poignant road to recovery. His transformation wouldn’t be possible without the life-changing support from Friends For Pegasus – a New Jersey based non-profit with a mission to “promote better understanding of equine wellness through the rehabilitation”. Horse and/or animal lovers will be overwhelmingly heart-warmed by Tag’s story – his beauty, stamina and congeniality is enticing to watch.

Matt Urquist has crafted a stellar docu-short that is crafted to perfection. Visually, the film is beautifully captured with quality cinematography and natural lighting. Sound, audio, music and post-production is equally impeccable – setting the tone perfectly – which in turn will keep viewers engaged with the narrative. The undying passion from the participants makes for endearing viewing. Highly recommended.

Tagoureit: A Standardbred ex-harnesss racer story


Runtime: 4 min

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