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Nonino’s Gift

A charming drama that delves into the value of family bonds.


Written and directed by Hernan A. Ancerra, ‘Nonino’s Gift’ is a short drama film that delves into the family bonds of a Latino family in the United States. Starring Francesco Di Maio. Fabian Ancerra, Flavia Carbone and Carlos Barbouth, the short explores the ill health of the family patriarch, whose battle with dementia inspires his grandson to plot a plan to reward him a sidetrack of joy. The film, which has an endearing narrative and charming characterisation, is produced both in Spanish and English (with English subtitles throughout).

The 17-minute drama opens with Bruno in conversation with his father, Facundo, about his selection to a soccer tournament. During his father’s absence, Bruno responds to an important call from his aunt Sofia regarding his grandfather. Despite Bruno’s father dodging multiple calls, he finally agrees for the sake of his son. Upon arriving, Nonino (the grandfather) mistakes Bruno for his father, which leads to an interesting plan-of-action.

Hernan A. Ancerra has created a touching drama that highlights the importance of family and looking after elderly relatives – in spite of hostility. The entire cast delivers fine performances throughout, most notably from Francesco Di Maio – a promising young star in the making. Visually, cinematography is flawless and produced with industry-level quality. Sound and post-production and equally commendable. ‘Nonino’s Gift’ is heartwarming, entertaining and profoundly moving. Highly recommended.

Noninos Gift


Runtime: 17 min
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