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A Piece of Life

A drama about fatherhood and betrayal.


Written and directed by Gerardo Gardea, ‘A Piece of Life’ is a short drama film that explores fatherhood and relationship betrayal. Set over the course of 12 years, with excessive time-jumps, the narrative delves into the ill-health of a promising young American footballer – examining the root cause of his ill-fated condition. In spite of the film’s poignant – and at times heart wrenching – themes, the short is delipidated with unsavory technicality that will thwart viewer engagement. The drama stars Gerardo Gardea (Julian), Christian Rubio (Noah) and Amanda Cobb’s (Sofia).

After falling unwell before a hotly anticipated game, Noah (12) ends up in hospital with a mystery illness. During the course of the 32-minute film, the narrative utilizes time-jumps prior to Noah’s birth – as we learn of the young couples romantic adventure and Sofia’s unfortunate infidelity. Without spoiling the concluding narrative climax, the theme of betrayal is intensified as Noah’s life hangs in the balance.

A promising narrative that is weakened by poor quality cinematography, sound and editing. Acting delivery is equally unbearable. Throughout the 32-minutes, glimpses of technical improvement are evident – but are woefully overturned. The film appears to have been partially shot with two levels of craftmanship – poor and reasonable. The all-too-many time-jumps makes the film unwatchable.

A Piece of Life Short Film


Runtime: 32 min

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