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Dolphin Boy

A comical triumph.


Jackson Little (Writer/Director) releases his genre-bending comedy ‘Dolphin Boy’. Not only is this 11-minute short a comical triumph, it includes a stellar cast of Jason Richter (Free Willy), David Boreanaz (SEAL Team) and his off-screen model wife, Jamie Boreanaz (Playboy). Michael Monks and Carlos Antonio also star.

‘Dolphin Boy’ follows James, a fictionalised version of Jason Richter, who gained public notoriety as Jesse in the ‘Free Willy’ film series. James is no longer a child-star and the reality of fame has hit him hard financially and professionally. He turns to driving Uber and Lyft to make ends meet whilst persisting with the brutal casting process. The dominant comedic chord that runs through this film is the consistent recognition of his infamous role – for which he is coined ‘Dolphin Boy’.

Jackson Little has created an outstanding short that oozes originality and hilarity. Jason Richter’s comedic timing is on top-form and his self-deprecating performance is truly praiseworthy. The short takes a bold turn to high drama and action, when James is caught up in a shoot-out that may turn out quite lucrative – thankfully the humour remains. ‘Dolphin Boy’ showcases the tragic side of showbusiness, albeit light-hearted. Visually, the short lives up to its astute narrative with terrific cinematography and post-production. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 11 min
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