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Stories to be Remembered

An entrancing animation that explores mankind’s unique ability.


Crafted by Animagic, ‘Stories to be Remembered’ is an eye-catching short animation that delves into the power of storytelling through the ages of mankind. Written by David Calderon, the combined 2D/3D project explores the significance of stories in shaping our humanity, from culture and religion to our artistic imagination and life aspirations. The film is poignantly narrated by Dave Petit and Russell Bin.

Throughout the 2-minute animation, the narrative takes viewers on a bewitching journey of our history – indulging in the dawn of human civilization through to the present technological era. Prominent figures in our story are represented; notably Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci. A captivating compilation of mankind’s exceptional achievements – a breath-taking tribute to all of us and our unique gift of storytelling.

The team at Animagic, under David Calderon’s artistic direction, have accomplished a striking piece of artistic ingenuity. Technicality aside, the narrative is powerfully alluring that it is certain to grasp viewers’ attention and not let go. A film that will no doubt move, inspire, encourage and give hope to many. The animation itself is expertly designed and carefully constructed – the team at Animagic deserve nothing less than paramount acclaim. A victorious achievement. Highly recommended viewing.



Runtime: 3 min

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