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An absurd sketch comedy about a repugnant sleep disorder.


Directed by Tyler Council, from a script by Council & Alex Destefino, ‘BedMates’ is an experimental short film by the sketch comedy team The Reel Idiots. The film, which acts as a TV infomercial, promotes a peculiar sleep disorder treatment for nighttime bowel incontinence. The sketch stars Ashley Reda as the patient, with Cody Lueck and Pete Taggart as two eccentric scientists. It’s outlandish narrative is certain to provide a few belly-laughs in spite of a few stomach-turning moments.

The 4-minute comedy opens with the patient experiencing an agitated night-terror. As he wakens, the two offbeat scientists appear at his bedside with a parodic piece to camera Throughout the sketch, we learn more about their specialty – showcasing their interior anal cavity fecal subtractor (Vac-pump). Viewers will unequivocally be repelled, albeit amused.

Council and Destefino, and the entire team at The Reel Idoits, have produced a comical film that relies heavily on its narrative absurdity and its madcap characterization. The short doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is reflected in its satirical take on mainstream infomercials. Cody Lueck and Pete Taggart deliver standout performances throughout, portraying their preposterous characters with a tone of sincerity. Chava Gaynor’s voice-over narration is equally commendable and entertaining. Cinematography, sound and post-production is well crafted, aiding the illusion of an authentic advertisement. A hilarious watch. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 4 min

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