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Fifteen Years Later

A gripping drama that explores racially motivated police brutality.


Written and directed by Manish Dayal, ‘Fifteen Years Later’ is a short drama film that explores racial prejudice and discriminative abuse of power sparked by the September 11 tragedies. The narrative takes place 15 years after the terrorist attacks, where two men are confronted with how the tragedy has shaped them. Starring Manish Dayal, Matt McGory and Rachel Brosnahan, the hard-hitting drama poignantly tackles police brutality and racial bias – a riveting watch from the offset.

The 18-minute film opens on the morning of September 11, 2021. The film intercuts with Sam (Manish Dayal) and Jason (Matt McGorry) as they are transfixed to their individual TV sets watching the unfolding tragedy of 9/11. The narrative time jumps to fifteen years later (2016), where now police officer Jason pulls over Sam’s car in an unwarranted act of racial prejudice. Viewers can expect harrowing scenes of police brutality. Without spoiling the concluding narrative, tables quickly turn on Jason as he is faced with the consequences of racial discrimination.

Manish Dayal’s outstanding portrayal as the oppressed protagonist will engross viewers from start-to-finish. Under his own writing and direction, Dayal pulls of an extraordinary performance that deserves high praise and attention. Matt McGorry’s riveting portrayal as the racially biased antagonist is equally commendable. A stirring watch that is resonant of recent events. Technically, the film is superbly crafted with glorious cinematography, lighting, sound and post-production. A must watch. Highly recommended.

Fifteen Years Later - Short Film


Runtime: 18 min
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