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An evocative LGBTQ+ themed drama, showcasing resistance and resilience in the face of Nazi oppression.


In Alex Merkin’s short historical drama, written by Jennifer Lana Harper, the narrative delves into the harrowing Nazi cleansing of the LGBTQ+ community, focusing on the takeover of Berlin’s Eldorado nightclub in 1933. The story unfolds around the resilient protagonist, transgendered cabaret artist Drick, portrayed with captivating brilliance by Machete Bang Bang, who, upon learning of the impending Nazi occupation from Helene (Jennifer Lana Harper), defiantly chooses to stay rather than succumb to fear.

This adult-themed narrative not only showcases outstanding cabaret performances but also reimagines a historical event with powerful authenticity. Machete Bang Bang’s mesmerizing on-screen presence adds depth to the character, making the film a riveting experience. Harper’s multiple role as actor, producer, writer and cinematographer contributes to the film’s visual excellence, capturing the essence of the time with meticulous framing.

The production design and costumes are on point, enhancing the overall immersion into 1930s Berlin. The film’s opening, featuring black-and-white historical archive footage of LGBTQ+ culture, sets the stage for a compelling exploration of a often-overlooked aspect of history. Merkin’s short film is an outstanding and thought-provoking piece that sheds light on the LGBTQ+ community’s victimization under Hitler, making it both an artistically impressive and socially relevant cinematic work.

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Runtime: 12 min
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