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A chilling dance of secrecy and cover-up in the arms industry.


Sven Windszus’ three-minute silent animation masterfully delves into the pervasive culture of secrecy and confidentiality within the arms industry. The film unfolds around the haunting image of an empty assault rifle case, becoming a profound metaphor for the concealment of grim truths. Within this symbolic space, miniature cleaners diligently work to erase the traces of blood seeping into the case, only to be met with a disheartening recurrence of the macabre fluid.

The continuous loop of cleaning and subsequent reappearance of blood serves as a powerful visual narrative, vividly illustrating the inescapable cycle of secrecy and cover-up within the arms trade. Windszus demonstrates exceptional animative craftsmanship, utilizing each frame to evoke a sense of poignancy and reflection. The film is a testament to the artist’s symbolic approach, effectively conveying a profound message about the consequences of hidden truths in the arms industry.

Despite its experimental nature, the film succeeds in delivering its impactful message, making it an uneasy yet compelling watch. Windszus deserves acclaim for his ability to tackle a weighty subject through a potent combination of visual storytelling and symbolism. The addition of music further enriches the film, contributing to its overall dark tone and amplifying the emotional impact of this thought-provoking exploration into the shadows of secrecy.

24 7 Short Animation Film


Runtime: 3 min

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