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A touching exploration of identity, memory, and the profound fear faced by those living with Alzheimer’s disease.


Álvaro Gabarrón’s short drama film, co-written with Juan Silvestre Gabarrón, tenderly explores the daily struggles of an elderly woman battling Alzheimer’s. The narrative unfolds as she awakens to a reflection she no longer recognizes, prompting a poignant journey to rediscover her identity and revisit her past. The film is a masterclass in capturing the heartrending symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, delicately portraying the challenges faced by those affected.

Lone Fleming delivers a standout performance as Greta, the central character, providing a touching and authentic portrayal that resonates with the audience, particularly those who care for individuals with the disease. The narrative weaves a beautiful story with a heartfelt core, shedding light on the fears confronted by those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Alberto Soriano’s cinematography is finely executed, featuring well-framed and static shots that contribute to the film’s overall tone. The music, with its sentimental style, perfectly complements the poignant theme, enhancing the emotional impact of the narrative. Gabarrón’s film is a compassionate exploration of Alzheimer’s, offering a compelling and empathetic glimpse into the lives of those affected, making it a profoundly moving and resonant cinematic experience.

Zheimer Short Film about Dementia


Runtime: 12 min

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