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Simple Song

Delve into the enchanting world of childhood love.


Dan Ramm’s enchanting romance, encapsulated in this short film snippet from the feature film ‘From the Clouds to the Underground,’ weaves a heartwarming tale of childhood love. Everett William Nardi and Chloe Friend, two adorable child talents, bring to life the innocent and charming characters whose love blossoms amidst the vibrant ambiance of the Bristol Boys & Girls Club in Bristol, Connecticut.

This endearing film, produced in collaboration with the BBGS, not only captures the essence of a sweet love story but also showcases the seamless synergy between technical brilliance and heartfelt storytelling. The decision to begin in black and white and transition to color ingeniously mirrors the transformative nature of falling in love, enhanced by subtle yet effective special effects.

The absence of dialogue in this silent movie proves to be a masterstroke, allowing the young stars’ expressive acting talents to shine. Set against the melodic backdrop of Cody Fry’s ‘I Hear a Symphony,’ the film strikes a perfect harmony between visual storytelling and musical accompaniment.

Ramm’s creation is a delightful journey through the magic of childhood romance, leaving the audience with a warm and nostalgic feeling. ‘Simple Song’ is a beautifully crafted, funny, and touching ode to the innocence of young love, skillfully blending technical finesse with heartfelt storytelling.

Simple Song Short Film


Runtime: 4 min
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