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Claude Young: Living In the Now

A mesmerizing portrait of techno luminary Claude Young Jr, navigating the highs and lows of his musical odyssey.


Naheed Choudhry Caballero’s short documentary illuminates the life and journey of DJ and producer Claude Young Jr, a luminary in the techno scene hailing from Detroit. The film, though modestly budgeted, impressively captures the essence of Young’s narrative. Through a thoughtful interview, we delve into his upbringing and his initiation into the world of radio, laying the foundation for his illustrious career.

The documentary beautifully explores Young’s profound love for human connection, shedding light on the personal sacrifices that accompany success and the industry’s darker facets, such as the perils of narcissism. The inclusion of valuable advice for newcomers and aspiring musicians adds a mentoring touch, infusing the narrative with encouragement and inspiration.

Despite its low budget, the film’s craftsmanship is evident, leveraging post-production finesse and judicious use of a narrator and stock footage to enhance the overall narrative flow. Claude Young Jr emerges as a charming figure, making the audience connect with his passion and resilience. The documentary not only encapsulates the present struggles but also showcases Young’s hope for the future, leaving viewers with a sense of optimism. Naheed Choudhry Caballero’s insightful work is a testament to the power of storytelling, proving that a compelling narrative can transcend budget constraints.

Claude Young Living In the Now


Runtime: 17 min
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