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A mesmerizing journey that challenges our perception of language and context.


Ke Ren’s creation, a brief yet captivating 2D animation, employs text and text symbols to deliver an inherently experimental and abstract visual experience. Collaborating with Mingxian Xiang and Clo Romeu Domínguez for co-animation, Ren presents a mesmerizing, intriguing, and deliberately chaotic exploration of the interplay between language and visuals. The hand-drawn black and white animation adds a touch of authenticity to the piece, enhancing its overall artistic appeal.

Accompanied by Jamse Ryan’s ambient musical score, the film becomes a sensory journey, inviting viewers into a realm where the boundaries of conventional communication are deliberately blurred. Ren’s work is not just animation; it is an immersive experiment, challenging the audience to engage in a profound contemplation of language models. The deliberate separation of text from its contextual moorings within the animation underscores a powerful message – in the absence of context, what remains is a captivating chaos that beckons introspection.

Highly experimental and open to interpretation, Ren’s animation sparks meaningful discussions about the nature of language and its disintegration into chaos when divorced from context. This film is a testament to Ren’s artistic prowess, leaving audiences with a lingering sense of awe and a renewed appreciation for the intricate dance between text, symbols, and the enigmatic realm of experimental animation.

Symbols Short Experimental Film


Runtime: 1 min

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