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Burton Before and After

An emotionally charged journey through time, intimately capturing Burton Ford’s gender transformation.


Courtney Hermann’s directorial prowess shines in this short documentary film, navigating the poignant gender transitional journey of Burton Ford. Opening with a compelling home video from 2003, capturing Burton’s early experiences with testosterone medication, the film seamlessly transports us to 2015, where Hermann initiates a thought-provoking discussion with Burton about revisiting and dissecting this pivotal moment in his life that were captured on video.

Despite initial hesitations rooted in work-related fears, Burton courageously agrees to collaborate on the documentary. The ensuing narrative unfolds as a deeply intimate and emotionally charged experience, skillfully blending moments of humor and raw emotion as Hermann and her subject delve into the past. The video footage becomes a powerful tool, showcasing Burton’s coming-out letter to supportive parents and capturing the transformative journey of changing his name.

Beautifully shot and meticulously structured, the film is a testament to Hermann’s storytelling finesse. It navigates the complexities of gender transition with sensitivity, offering viewers a window into Burton’s world in 2003 and in 2015. The result is a touching and beautiful exploration of identity, courage, and self-discovery, making this short drama an impactful and resonant contribution to the narrative of gender transition stories.

Burton Before and After Short Documentary


Runtime: 15 min

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