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A Day on Dick Lake

A hilariously unpredictable boat trip that takes an adult-themed twist.


Steven George and Michelle Lippman showcase their talents in a hilariously quick short film that they not only wrote and directed but also starred in, centered around their boat trip on a lake. Despite its brevity, the narrative takes an unexpected, adult-themed turn, delivering a startling and chuckle-inducing moment for viewers. The commendable acting and well-executed comic timing contribute to the film’s overall comedic success.

Remarkably, the on-screen-talent also handle the cinematography and sound, showcasing an impressive standard, especially given that the duo take on multiple roles behind and in front of the camera. The film cleverly satirizes the consequences of peeing in the lake, presenting a humorous take on a seemingly ordinary situation. Notably, the film maintains a refreshing lack of seriousness, allowing the audience to fully enjoy the comedic elements without being weighed down by unnecessary gravitas.

In this lighthearted satire, George and Lippman demonstrate their comedic prowess, creating an entertaining and memorable short film that brings laughter without taking itself too seriously. The successful combination of humor, commendable acting, and respectable technicality makes this short film a delightful and refreshing addition to the comedic genre.

A Day on Dick Lake Short Comedy Film


Runtime: 2 min

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