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Antonio’s Lament

A musical journey unfolds in a POV short film set aboard a bus.


Jennifer Glee’s experimental short film takes viewers on a unique journey through the cityscape, unfolding a narrative solely through the character’s point of view with a musical score. The unconventional aspect ratio challenges traditional filmmaking norms, emphasizing a deliberate departure from mainstream approaches. The film’s strength lies in the hauntingly beautiful music performed by Sean Aaron and Jennifer Glee, providing an emotional backdrop that captivates the audience.

However, the visual elements of the film appear deliberately amateurish, with a loose focus that may leave viewers perplexed. The POV primarily captures the bus window’s perspective, offering glimpses of city streets, from a close-up of a pigeon to passing commercial outlets. The deliberate departure from polished visuals may be an intentional choice.

While the guitar music adds a layer of depth to the film, the overall narrative proves challenging to grasp and appreciate. The film seems to be an acquired taste, leaving some viewers puzzled by its unconventional approach. Despite its unique elements, Jennifer Glee’s short film may be more appreciated by those who enjoy experimental cinema and are willing to embrace the unconventional storytelling style.

Antonio's Lament


Runtime: 4 min

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