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An intimate glimpse into the evolving bond of 14-year-old twins, Raphaël and Rémi.


In Justine Martin’s short documentary, the lens intimately captures the profound relationship between 14-year-old adolescent twins, Raphaël and Rémi, during a pivotal summer in Canada, conducted entirely in the French language.

While the film explores Rémi’s journey into independence juxtaposed with Raphaël’s developmental disabilities, Martin skillfully transcends the narrative beyond disability, focusing on the universal theme of the twins’ shared coming-of-age experience. The film is a deeply personal, relatable, and touching portrayal of that fleeting moment when childhood transitions into adolescence.

Martin’s focus on the brothers’ summer together becomes a powerful snapshot in time, where they revel in play, nature, and each other’s company – a moment that may soon change as they navigate the shifting dynamics of growing up.

Myriam Payette’s cinematic cinematography imparts an observatory quality, allowing the camera to become a quiet witness to the boys’ unscripted interactions. The film’s reflective tone resonates with viewers, drawing them into the twins’ world with authenticity.

Deserving of its shortlist status for the 96th Academy Awards, Martin’s documentary is a moving testament to the universal themes of growth, change, and the bond between siblings. With its relatable narrative and cinematic visuals, this film stands as a hopeful contender for a well-deserved nomination.

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Runtime: 14 min

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