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Percy & Reggie and the Great Parisian Air Exposition

A comical tale of friendship, adventure and naivety.


Written and directed by John Longenbaugh, ‘Percy & Reggie and the Great Parisian Air Exposition’ is a short comedic fantasy film that explores the airborne adventure of two offbeat English gentlemen. Starring Hunter O’Harrow (Percy) and Louis Broome (Reggie), the narrative centres around their impulsive escapade across the English Channel – a trip fraught with dicey conduct. In spite of the film’s abiding use of chromakey throughout, the overall narrative and eccentric characterization makes for entertaining viewing.

The 30-minute film opens in 19th century London, where airships have become widespread within popular society. When a melancholic Reggie Colthorphe visits his affluent confidante, Sir Percy Wentworth, Percy tempts him to Paris where they find themselves at the madcap hands of antagonistic commanders. An enchanting tale of naivety, friendship and leisure.

Under Longenbaugh’s quality direction, and Jerry Wilson’s visionary cinematography, the fantasy film is bound to intrigue and draw-out a few laughs. O’Harrow and Broome’s creative partnership and outlandish delivery makes for captivating viewing – their portrayals certainly warrant high praise. The sustained reliance on chromakey special effects may thwart engagement – as it appears overly theatrical – but the dialogue thankfully acts as a diversion. Presuming the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s undoubtedly comical and delightfully beguiling. A worthy watch.



Runtime: 30 min
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