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A gripping gay-themed neo-noir where a night of passion takes a sinister turn.


Hsu Chien’s gay-themed neo-noir, unfolds a gripping narrative of seduction, manipulation, and real-life horrors. The story commences with the clandestine rendezvous of Leo (Gabriel Canella), a closeted gay man entangled in the web of adultery, and the aging Jorge (Marcio Rosario).

What begins as a night of passion takes a sinister turn when Victor Pinto’s character intrudes, introducing an unexpected twist that unravels the narrative’s dark secrets. The film, shot entirely in Portuguese with English subtitles, boasts highly commendable performances, each character flawlessly conveying the complexities of their roles. However, the true standout is the film’s cinematography, skillfully executed by Silvia Gangemi.

Filmed exclusively in black and white, the static and intimate shots abruptly transform into handheld chaos as the plot takes a dark turn, creating a visually arresting experience. The classic 4:3 aspect ratio adds a timeless cinematic quality to the film. This intense short film weaves a tale of lust, homosexual promiscuity, and desire, culminating in a vengeful, psychopathic twist. The shocking revelations and masterful filmmaking make it a riveting watch from start to finish, leaving an indelible impact on the viewer.

Bergamota Gay Horror Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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