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Under the Sand

A captivating glimpse into the unique world of bait digging.


In Fernando Sobron’s short documentary, he explores the peculiar profession of bait digging through the lens of Garry, a man who has dedicated himself to this unique trade on the south coast of England. The film unfolds as a fascinating journey into Garry’s world, where he shares insights into the meticulous process of digging for worms using his hand pump. Garry narrates the documentary, providing a personal and engaging perspective on the digging season and how he sustains his livelihood by selling the worms as bait to local fisherman shops and their customers.

Sobron’s cinematography captures the picturesque scenes along Winchelsea Beach, enhancing the documentary’s visual appeal. The film stands out for its beautiful cinematography, offering viewers a glimpse into the daily life of someone engaged in an unusual and often overlooked profession. Garry’s narration adds a personal touch, making the documentary both informative and emotionally resonant.

The documentary is well-crafted, with commendable sound design and editing that maintain a seamless flow. Sobron successfully brings attention to a niche occupation, turning what might seem mundane into a captivating and insightful exploration. Overall, Sobron’s short film is a testament to the art of storytelling, revealing the beauty and significance found in the everyday routines of individuals like Garry.

Garry Short Documentary


Runtime: 5 min

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