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The Body

A mystery drama with a startling narrative twist.


Written and directed by Chad J Wilson, ‘The Body’ is a short mystery drama about an outlandish wanderer, the empty roads, his Cadillac, and a dead body in the back seat. Starring Chad J Wilson, in a predominantly one-character movie, the narrative explores the overall objective of the protagonist (or antagonist) and his mental well-being. A captivating watch that is designed to play tricks with audience preconceptions.

Throughout the 9-minute road movie, the audience will be startled by the disturbed psychology of the main character. His erratic behavior is intensified upon his arrival at the derelict family home – where he attempts to find a close relative. The narrative concludes with a surprising twist to the tale that flips viewer assumptions.

Chad J Wilson has crafted a terrific mystery with an enthralling plot and splendid technicality. Wilson delivers a remarkable portrayal from the offset, which delves into the complexities of grief. The film is beautifully captured with picturesque cinematography throughout – thanks to the breath-taking rural landscapes of the United States. Sound and post-production are equally commendable. ‘The Body’ is certain to keep viewers engaged till the closing credits. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min
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