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I’m Not Gay!

Buckle up for a laugh-out-loud and gay-themed elevator ride.


Embark on a sidesplitting journey in Daniel Guyton’s uproarious short comedy film, where an elevator ride becomes the backdrop for the comedic collision of two strangers, Gary (Jeremy Riegel) and Michael (Matthew Anthony Pino).

The hilarity ensues as Gary hastily declares “I’m not gay!” upon their introduction, catapulting the audience into a riotous exploration of societal expectations and self-discovery. As the awkward banter unfolds, Michael’s frustration with Gary’s inquisitive and sometimes vulgar queries adds depth to the comedic narrative, weaving between interpretations of homophobia and personal denial.

Guyton’s film, marked by its incredible wit and hilarious dialogue exchanges peppered with puns, transcends mere laughter to address common misconceptions and stereotypes faced by the gay community. The outstanding chemistry between Riegel and Pino elevates the authenticity of their characters, while Eric Haviv’s cinematography employs a well-framed, simplistic approach that complements the real-time setting.

In this delightful cinematic experience, the commendable acting performances coupled with insightful humor navigates through frequently asked questions and challenges confronted by gay men, leaving audiences both entertained and contemplative.

I'm Not Gay Short Film


Runtime: 6 min
Genre: ,

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