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Pendidik Berjiwa Merdeka

A beautifully crafted tribute that delves into the transformative impact of Indonesia’s National Hero on education.


Dwi Anom Kusumo’s short documentary is a poignant exploration of the profound impact Ki Hadjar Dewantara (1889 – 1959) left on Indonesia’s educational landscape, shedding light on his role as the founder of the Taman Siswa school system, a prolific politician, and an independence activist. Crafted with care as part of Kusumo’s final university project, the film unfolds as a beautifully constructed tribute to this influential figure, featuring insights from Dewantara’s pupil Nyi Iman Sudiyat and Indonesian educators Ki Priyo Dwiarso and Ki Sutikno. Despite occasional sound and visual hiccups, the documentary maintains a structured and engaging narrative, seamlessly blending archival footage, still photography, and insightful interviews.

Through the lens of those who knew him, the film provides a rich educational experience, offering a profound understanding of Dewantara’s historical significance and the transformative impact he had on shaping the nation. Recognized as a National Hero, Dewantara’s legacy comes to life in this production, which is presented in the Indonesian language with English subtitles, adding accessibility to a wider audience eager to grasp the historical and educational facets of Indonesia’s past.

Pendidik Berjiwa Merdeka Short Documentary


Runtime: 11 min

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