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My Year of Dicks

A spectacular narrative unfolds, weaving a tapestry of wit and wild moments, depicting a teenage girl’s quest to lose her virginity in the early 90s.


‘My Year of Dicks’, an aptly titled animation, directed by Sara Gunnarsdottir and created and written by Pamela Ribon (based on her personal memoirs), takes viewers on a wild journey of a teenager, Pam (voiced by Brie Tilton), who is determined to lose her virginity. The film unfolds in five captivating chapters, skilfully recounting Pam’s coming-of-age experiences, capturing the essence of “dating” and adolescence in the early 90s.

Gunnarsdottir and her team of animators infuse the animation with wild metaphors, offering a visually striking portrayal of Pam’s extreme emotions as she navigates the transformative path to womanhood. Jackson Kelly’s portrayal of Sam, Pam’s best friend, adds depth and resonance, providing a worthwhile conclusion to Pam’s year-long odyssey. The film balances humor, wit, and profound relatability, creating an entertaining and emotionally resonant narrative that is both well-written and deeply engaging.

Pamela Ribon’s creative brilliance shines through in the script, contributing to the film’s quick-witted and eccentric charm. The collaboration between Gunnarsdóttir, Ribon, and the animators results in a spectacular and immersive world that brings Ribon’s words to life in an extraordinary way. As the credits roll, the audience is left with a profound appreciation for why ‘My Year of Dick’s rightfully earned its place at the 95th Academy Awards, standing out among the best in its category.

My Year of Dicks Short Animation Film


Runtime: 25 min
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