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Full Memory

A drama that delves into mental health, loneliness and grief.


Directed by Adolf El Assal, from a script by Assal and Mazan Haj Kassem, ‘Full Memory’ is a short drama film about a Syrian refugee, now living in Luxembourg, who is jovial about showcasing his new European lifestyle with his visiting brother from back home. Starring Mazen Haj Kassem as the sole character, Ziad, the narrative delves into mental health, loneliness and grief. A poignant tale of psychological repudiation. The drama is almost entirely shot in black and white, with the exception of the concluding scene, which contradicts the overall tone to keep the audience unsuspecting of the twist.

Throughout the 12-minute film, Ziad routinely visits the train station with the intention to greet and collect his beloved brother. He speaks volumes about his seemingly marvelous life in Europe and the destitution of his homeland. The reality of his current set-up is unfortunately far from the truth, which will certainly strike a chord with many immigrants. The concluding scene paints a harrowing picture of the mental state of the protagonist.

Under Adolf El Assal’s direction, ‘Full Memory’ is well crafted with an unexpectedly heart-rending climax. Mazen Haj Kassem, who also acts as co-writer, delivers a captivating portrayal as Ziad. The character is carefully unraveled, scene by scene, which is credit to Kassem’s adept performance and Assal’s fine direction. Technically, the short is produced with stellar cinematography, sound and post-production. A gripping watch. Highly recommended.

Full Memory Short Film


Runtime: 12 min

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