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A Message Never Sent

A drama that explores a shattered relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Written and directed by Nnamdi Simon, ‘A Message Never Sent’ is a short drama film that delves into the COVID-19 pandemic and the ramification it has on an already fragmented relationship. Devin Lamon and Michelle Redman star as the hopeless lovers, who battle with separation, isolation and the ambiguity of lockdown. A poignant tale that many will spark a correlation with many.

The 4-minute film is largely constructed with a non-linear narrative. The drama showcases a sequence of melancholic scenes with the characters contrasting individual solitude – intertwined with their conflict as a couple. Devin Lamon’s voice over narration provides the foundation of the narrative, as his character reflects in a text message to his lost love. A heartbreaking watch from start-to-finish.

Nnamdi Simon has created a moving short that utilizes both narrative and technical craftsmanship to convey the plot. The filmmaker employs black and white cinematography to illustrate the sombre bygone days of their life together. A contrast in the color-grade, when showcasing both characters, helps to aid the variations in narrative tone and their emotional state.

The cinematography is flawlessly crafted throughout, coupled with high quality sound and music. Devin Lamon and Michelle Redman deliver exceptional performances throughout, despite limited character dialogue and interaction. A solid film worth your precious 4-minutes. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 5 min

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