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A spine-chilling horror about a brother’s guilt and regret.


Written and directed by Brandon Espy, ‘Kiara’ is a short horror film that delves into a man’s penitence surrounding the ill-health of his beloved sister. Von Roburts leads the cast as Von – a brother ravaged with guilt, regret and sorrow for deserting his sister, Kiara, at her time of need. Daijah Peters co-stars as the eponymous character. Stephen Barrington portrays Von’s childhood friend, Pook. The bone-chilling narrative is fraught with suspense and trepidation.

The 11-minute horror opens with Von in the process of writing a mercy letter to Kiara – his younger sister currently crippled with an undisclosed illness. Von, now home from New York, is crushed with regret for turning his back on his sibling – which plays disturbing tricks on his psychology. Perplexed with what is reality and fiction, Von is constantly haunted by a Kiara’s sinister existence.

Brandon Espy has crafted a neat production, with outstanding production quality. Cinematography, make-up artistry and lighting are meticulously crafted, which is certain to keep the audience engaged with the baleful tone. Von Roburts and Stephen Barrington deliver highly captivating performances throughout – as does Daijah Peters (albeit limited). ‘Kiara’ is an indisputably hair-raising watch with a multitude of unforeseen startles that will keep viewers on tenterhooks. Highly recommended.

Kiara Short Film


Runtime: 11 min
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