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Mysore Magic

Step back in time to 1982 and join Premi and Vasu on a vibrant and comical journey of love, laughter and dance.


Abijeet Achar’s directorial venture, a delightful short romantic comedy co-written with Alex Woodruff, unfolds a charming narrative in a nostalgic 1982 setting. The film revolves around the endearing duo of Premi (Aishwarya Sonar) and Vasu (Siddharth Kusuma), whose differences add layers of humor and warmth to their unofficial date.

Set against the backdrop of a disco competition in India, the film kicks off with a captivating encounter between Premi and Vasu, sparking a delightful exploration of their contrasting perspectives. Vasu, a romantic dreamer with a Western outlook, finds himself at odds with the pragmatic and traditional Premi. The narrative beautifully captures the essence of that fleeting yet magical moment when two souls connect purely for the joy of celebration and dance.

Aishwarya Sonar’s captivating portrayal of Premi, coupled with Siddharth Kusuma’s comical charm as Vasu, elevates the film’s overall appeal. The commendable acting is complemented by Alex Allgood’s cinematic and high-quality cinematography, expertly enhanced by stellar lighting, production, and costume design.

Despite briefly delving into Indian subculture, the film primarily focuses on the universal theme of the spontaneous joy that accompanies meeting someone special. Achar’s well-crafted narrative, coupled with the film’s vibrant atmosphere, makes it a sweet and enjoyable watch that resonates with audiences. In summary, this short film is a lovely, fun-filled cinematic experience that skillfully captures the magic of a carefree moment shared between two individuals.

Mysore Magic Short Romantic Comedy Film


Runtime: 14 min
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