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Nothing is Sacred

A action-packed drama about betrayal and revenge.


Written and directed by Peter Jang, ‘Nothing is Sacred’ is a short action film that explores the inner conflict of a crime family. Peter Jang leads the cast as Michael, with Christian Howard as Colin, Dennis Keiffer as Martelli and Daniel Moncada as Crow. Gabrielle Lajudice portrays Francine in a voice-only role. The short delves into themes of betrayal, retribution, conspiracy and corruption. The audience can expect a steely narrative with awe-inspiring fight sequences.

The crime drama centres around vengeance and family in-fighting which involves the family matriarch and a sex trafficking ring. Viewers may be perplexed by the plotline as the narrative speeds along a little too quick to grasp – a second or third watch will certainly do the trick. Unfortunately, this is one of the major flaws of the film, despite having spectacular cinematography and acting delivery. Thankfully, a rewarding twist to the narrative seals the films fate.

In spite of the initial narrative bewilderment, Peter Jang (Writer/Director/Star) still manages to keep viewers captivated with riveting dialogue, picturesque widescreen cinematography and high action choreography. Sound design needs a tad polishing in places, but this is generally forgivable. Post-production is of an acceptable standard. A fast-moving, albeit an enthralling watch.

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Runtime: 13 min
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